TON Mining Data

Ton coins are distributing via special giver smartcontracts which use proof of work mechanism. That way by checking proofs we can estimate how much computational power is used for coin extraction.


Anyone can mine pow-givers and receive coins from them.

Before the miner finds a proof-of-work and receives a reward, he needs to iterate over a large number of hashes.

Hashrate - count of processed hashes per second by miners.

Gh - gigahashes (10^9 hashes), Mh - megahashes (10^6 hashes)

Original info how to mine

The easiest way to mine giver contracts is MyTonCtrl, though.

Current total hashrate:
Current hardware equivalent:

~ HP DL325 G10, 1x Epyc 7502P Server

~ Amazon AWS c2.24xlarge

~ HP DL385 G10+, 2x Epyc 7452

Mined TON coins in last 24h

How many TONs have each giver given over the last 24 hours.

Current most profitable giver

with lowest hashrate
it's current profitability:
nanocoins per hash

Top Miners

How many TONs each miner has mined in the last 24 hours